Enrollment Data

The following are the headcounts for Fall terms since 2014.

Term Census Day Enrollment*
Fall 2014 11,271
Fall 2015 12,414
Fall 2016 12,694
Fall 2017 12,873
Fall 2018 12,467
Fall 2019 11,957
Fall 2020 11,197

The average Fall enrollment since Fall 2014 is 12,125.

Enrollment by Degree Level

Enrollment by College

*All students registered as of the 9th class day of the Fall Quarter are included in the University’s official census day enrollment. The enrollment figures reported to other entities (e.g., Louisiana Board of Regents, IPEDS, surveys, etc.) might differ from the census day enrollment, because they have different definitions for reporting data.

Last updated: January 6, 2021